In the valley, Akmal Dahalan's behavior seemed strange to many, he spoke sentimentally and a bit too much. But not so in his home country.

During the week of working together, I experienced how firmly this man stands on the ground of his own culture. I saw how his sons, returning from school, kissed his hand.

I saw how this man kissed his father's hand. In Malaysia, respect permeates everything, and this attitude accelerated their learning speed so much that they learned a month's material in three days.

Then, after the oppression they suffered from the English, they should have thrown stones at me at the sight of my blonde hair and blue eyes. Not to mention that they did almost everything wrong and I constantly had to criticize and correct them. Despite this, these people showed not the slightest sign of resistance to either my appearance or my person.

They were like a dry sponge dipped in water, immediately absorbing knowledge. Few things bring me greater joy than time effectively spent in love for a noble cause. Every minute with Akmal and his students was a gift to me.

Throughout my life, I've been blown around by the wind, but while great dedication stretched my sails, adhering to a few basic principles kept my skiff on the right course in unknown waters.

Cooperation built on trust and respect forms the foundation of joint work and the possibility to effectively train horses or teach anywhere in the world. On the other hand, if any of these pillars are missing, our activity becomes somewhat patchy.

The Original Kassai System has circled the globe, with thirty-six international judges performing their responsible duties in eighteen countries. As business moved faster than culture, for a long time we were at a disadvantage against thieves and character-assassinating swindlers. This has now reversed, and we are at the forefront of processes, and as long as we maintain the trinity of profession-honor-elegance, we will keep this position.

Best regards,

Lajos Kassai
Kaposmérő, December 1, 2023.