1. Is a bow considered a weapon?

In most parts of the world, including our country, a bow is considered a piece of sports equipment. Its purchase and possession are not restricted, but its use requires careful handling and adherence to the rules applied in other shooting sports.


2. Can I release a drawn bow without an arrow?

Under no circumstances should you release a drawn bow without an arrow. When shooting an arrow, the mass of the arrow acts as a shock absorber on the forward-thrusting string, braking the bow's forward thrust. In its absence, i.e., if a bow is drawn and released without an arrow, it can break into pieces and cause injury.


3. Can I draw the bow longer than the draw length specified on its technical data sheet?

Under no circumstances should you overdraw the bow, as it can break and cause accidents. It is important to always draw the bow only as far as the draw length specified in its technical parameters.


4. How should I store the bow?

The bow should definitely be stored in a relaxed state. Otherwise, its usability significantly decreases. The correct way is to keep the bow strung only while it is in use.


5. How do I string and unstring the bow?

Stringing and unstringing bows require special care. Support the grip near your buttocks and the bow's limb near your shin, ensuring that both arms of the bow bend equally. The bow's limb should not touch the ground and should not twist.


6. Can the bow be damaged during transportation?

Transport the bow in a relaxed state, wrapped in a canvas bag so that the string is wrapped around the bow's body. Then, it is placed in a cardboard box, which ensures it arrives undamaged to the customer. When unpacking, if the string is not found wrapped around the bow, check if it's left in the bag. It's worth checking this in later use as well.


7. Is the bow sensitive to weather conditions?

The bow can withstand the same weather conditions as the archer. Our bows are used everywhere from Saudi Arabia to Canada, but they should be protected from rain and direct sunlight.


8. What is the lifespan of a bow?

Our bows have a manufacturing date, but from that date, they are also in use. Kassai bows are designed for generations.